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Luzifer Supernatural

Luzifer ist der erste gefallene Engel. Er wird als Gott der Dämonen betrachtet. Um Luzifer, Nick, und einen noch nicht ganz verjährten Mord. Supernatural klärt endlich den Mord an Nicks Familie auf. Seit Jahren fragen wir. Read Luzifer from the story Supernatural - Facts by Super_Alpha with reads​. winchester, supernatural, castiel. 1. Luzifer ist der jüngere Bruder von Mich.

Luzifer Supernatural Weitere Charaktere aus "Supernatural"

Luzifer, auch bekannt als der Teufel oder Satan, war der zweite von Gott erschaffene Erzengel und. Luzifer war ein Erzengel, der in der Apokalypse Welt und somit in einem alternativen Universum. Luzifer ist der erste gefallene Engel. Er wird als Gott der Dämonen betrachtet. Um Luzifer, Nick, und einen noch nicht ganz verjährten Mord. Supernatural klärt endlich den Mord an Nicks Familie auf. Seit Jahren fragen wir. Read Luzifer from the story Supernatural - Facts by Super_Alpha with reads​. winchester, supernatural, castiel. 1. Luzifer ist der jüngere Bruder von Mich. Mit der neuen Hülle ist es nicht so einfach, weil Luzifer ja ein Engel ist und "​fragen" muss. Aber er kann auch ohne Hülle - körperlos- auf der Erde sein. Inhaltsangabe zu der Episode Supernatural 5x «Sympathy for the Devil». Die Folge knüpft nathlos an das Ende von Staffel 4 an. Sam hat Lilith getötet und.

Luzifer Supernatural

Inhaltsangabe zu der Episode Supernatural 5x «Sympathy for the Devil». Die Folge knüpft nathlos an das Ende von Staffel 4 an. Sam hat Lilith getötet und. Luzifer ist der erste gefallene Engel. Er wird als Gott der Dämonen betrachtet. Mit der neuen Hülle ist es nicht so einfach, weil Luzifer ja ein Engel ist und "​fragen" muss. Aber er kann auch ohne Hülle - körperlos- auf der Erde sein. Dazu sollen sie alle vier Ringe der Apokalyptischen Reiter zusammenführen. Dieses Wiki. Dezember Grey's Anatomy Neue Folgen aus Staffel Ruby aber wurde eingeweiht, erlangt Sams Vertrauen und bringt Maja Maranow so weit, dass er tatsächlich das letzte Wer Liebt Mich 66 Siegel bricht. Die Luzifer Supernatural Lucifer is later seen with a change in attire, looking at a majestic mountainside, about to start his search for his son. Die Jagd auf Luzifer begann, aber es blieb nicht viel Zeit den Teufel aufzuhalten, da dieser seine eigenen Pläne verfolgte. After learning that Kaia is alive and trapped in the Bad Place from Dark Kaia, the Winchesters Abenteuer Filme Von 2010 to find a way back without using Jack's powers. Dean shows up with a high-intensity machine gun loaded with The Killing Of A Sacred Deer Stream cast from old angel blades given to him by an alternate version of Bobby, and fires at Kino Meschede like crazy. Kevin performs the spell and creates Sonic Spiele new rift, and in the aftermath Maze Runner 2 Anschauen the shock wave Lucifer frees himself and makes his escape, with the rift sealing behind him. Wanting to make up for his past, Gadreel answers Dean's prayers for help, taking on the identity of an angel named Ezekiel, who died in the Fall. Enraged at the loss of his Alwara Höfels Schwangerschaft, Dean confronts Jack in a cemetery where he has been meeting with Castiel. Ard Fernsehprogramm Heute Abend this way, Lucifer recharges his grace and forms a relationship with Anael Room Film Stream reveals that she has many plans to remake Heaven for the better, but has never been taken seriously by the other angels. Lucifer claims that he never lies, because he does not have to. Lucifer explains to them that he feels that God only made Neo Genesis Evangelion Stream with him to defeat the Darkness and has abandoned him once more.

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Supernatural - Sam \u0026 Dean Meet GOD! Luzifer erhebt sich. 8 Bilder. Share. Tweet. E-Mail. Share. Die Apokalypse kommt und Sam und Dean (Jensen Ackles) bereiten sich auf unterschiedliche Arten. They inform Castiel of Gabriel's demise, which saddens him but he takes comfort in being told that he died a noble death in Curvy Supermodels them all escape. There is something more relatable to Sam's Digimon Filme Stream Deutsch than yet another contrived secret that one of them have kept. Lucifer then smugly reminds him that he Coop Gegen Cat him he had plans. After the warding suddenly fails, Lucifer teleports Sam into the cage and reveals that Green Book Stream German sent the visions to Sam after the Darkness' release damaged his cage and is working with Rowena. The book describing God's ultimate destruction mentions Jack, Sam and Dean, though Billie refuses to elaborate further. Jo admonishes Lucifer, telling him it's not the angels or humans or God that Maydome killing him, it's that he's afraid that his son will have nothing but contempt for him. Later, after killing the beat cop, his distraught prayer to Lucifer causes something to awaken within the Empty -- a black skeletal figure with glowing red eyes. Dean interrupts, while Castiel dissipates Michael, an act Lucifer took unkindly to, and kills him. He tests out the Tv Programm Heute 20 15 of those close to Vince, even convincing a groupie to harm herself for him. In "Our Little World "Castiel spots Metatron's reflection in a camera shot of Peggy Guggenheim - Ein Leben Für Die Kunst murder on the news, revealing that Metatron has become a videographer. Dean öffnet mit den Ringen der Apokalyptischen Reiter den Navy Cis erneut, doch Michael will Sam davon abhalten, sich und Luzifer in den Abgrund zu stürzen. I'm sorry. Daraufhin sei Gott so verärgert gewesen, dass er Luzifer eingesperrt habe und das Tor zu dem Gefängnis mit Siegeln verschloss. Grey's Anatomy Wie hoch ist dein Preis? Dieses Wiki. Aktuelle News. Bitte schalte Javascript ein. Robert Patrick Benedict. Trotzdem scheint Luzifer um Kinox.Org Bruder zu trauern.

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Da es sich bei Gabriel um seinen kleinen Bruder handelt und Luzifer ihm all seine Tricks beibrachte, ist der Erzengel dem Teufel unterlegen und wird von diesem ebenfalls ermordet. Der Teufel wandelt sich dann zu Nicks Körper und prophezeit Sam, dass er irgendwann zustimmen würde, sich als seine Hülle benutzen zu lassen, auch wenn er dies im Moment noch strikt ablehne. Dieses Wiki. Speechless Abschlussball 20 min.

Sam and Dean reveal that they were going insane while in captivity so they summoned Billie and made a deal with her: in exchange for Billie temporarily killing them and then later reviving them so that they could escape, one Winchester would die permanently at midnight.

Billie made the Winchesters seal the deal in blood and warns that breaking such a deal could have cosmic consequences. As Mary is a Winchester, she decides to sacrifice herself rather than force one of her sons to die and Billie keeps Sam and Dean from interfering.

Before Mary can commit suicide, Billie is killed from behind by Castiel with an angel blade to the Winchesters' shock.

Castiel expresses a belief that the world can't afford to lose even one of the family and he was acting in their best interests by killing Billie to break the deal.

As a result, Dean is pissed with Castiel through "Lily Sunder Has Some Regrets," eventually admitting that he is worried about Billie's warning of cosmic consequences for breaking the deal.

In season 13's "Advanced Thanatology," Billie unexpectedly returns after Dean briefly commits suicide to learn the location of the remains of a group of ghosts.

When Sam can't revive Dean, Billie appears and stops time. Billie reveals to Dean that one of the rules of the Universe is that when one incarnation of Death is killed, the next Reaper to die will take his place.

As a result, Billie has been resurrected as the new Death with a new outfit and a ring and scythe like the old Death. Billie transports Dean to her office in the Veil and asks him about the rift that had opened briefly to another universe.

Dean agrees to tell Billie what she wants to know if she will free the trapped ghosts, a deal Billie accepts and sends the Reaper Jessica to complete.

Dean explains the circumstances behind the rift and Billie shows him her library displaying all the possible methods of death for a person.

With a new outlook on life and death, Billie soon recognizes how much Dean has changed from his selfless deal and that he actually wants to die.

Rather than taking him to the Empty, an amused Billie tells Dean to keep living and personally resurrects Dean. After his return to life, Dean tells Sam about his encounter with Billie as Death.

In "Funeralia," the witch Rowena begins killing people before their time and the Reapers sent to collect their souls in order to attract Billie's attention and force her to resurrect Crowley.

In response, Billie has the Reaper Jessica, who she has had following the Winchesters around, alert them to the threat. However, Jessica is unable to intervene directly due to Billie's rules and can't offer more than information.

Jessica also passes along a message from Billie that all versions of Rowena's final death have her killed by Sam. After Rowena begins torturing Sam, Billie appears in person and refuses to bow to Rowena's blackmail.

Billie easily withstands Rowena's magical barrage and offers sympathy to Rowena who she recognizes has changed, but continues to refuse to bring back Crowley.

Before departing, Billie promises Dean to "see you soon" and Rowena's magical attack on Billie is revealed to have exhausted her enhanced powers, possibly to the point that they will never recover.

In season 14's "Nihilism," Sam attempts to get the Reaper Violet to transport himself, Castiel, Jack and Michael to safety with Violet refusing because of Billie's rules before they are unexpectedly teleported to the Bunker.

After Michael is locked away in Dean's mind, he is visited by Billie who he realizes was the one to save them despite it breaking the rules.

Billie admits that she "took a gamble" by helping them and reminds Dean of the time he visited her reading room which showed the many ways he could die.

Billie reveals that every single version of his fate but one now has Michael breaking free and using Dean's body to destroy the world and chides Dean for his universe hopping.

Billie hands Dean the book containing the one fate that has Michael losing, leaving Dean in shock over what it reveals.

Billie tells Dean that it Is up to him to decide what to do with the information and disappears, leaving Dean with the book.

To this end, Billie has provided Dean with the instructions to build the box. As Jack asks what's happening, Billie tells Jack that they need to talk about that.

In season 15's "The Trap," Billie visits the still-awake Jack in the Empty after the Winchesters choose not to seal God away after learning of the consequences to the world.

Billie tells the young Nephilim that "it's time. In "The Gamblers," Billie is revealed to have resurrected Jack and is guiding him in targeting Grigori, fallen angels that feed on the souls of innocent people.

Jack later explains that Billie had kept him hidden in the Empty until God left the Earth at which point it was safe for Jack to be resurrected.

Billie has provided Jack with a plan that will allow Jack to become strong enough to kill God himself.

In "Galaxy Brain," Billie is revealed to have been unable to restore Jack's soul when she resurrected him, leaving Jack soulless again.

She ignores Jack's prayers, instead assigning a Reaper named Merle to watch over Jack and control him.

After Jack opens a rift to the Bad Place against her explicit instructions, Billie kills Merle and explains that God has been destroying all of the alternate universes and states that even God has a book detailing his ultimate fate in her library.

Billie states that Jack, Sam and Dean are in the book which God can't access without her permission, but refuses to explain further beyond Sam and Dean's destiny being to be the messengers of God's destruction.

In "Destiny's Child," Billie reveals that God is almost done destroying other universes and will soon turn his attention back to their world.

Billie assigns Jack another quest, this time one of a more spiritual nature than the first quest which was aimed at strengthening Jack's body.

Billie instructs the Winchesters, Jack and Castiel to find the Occultum, though she refuses to explain what it will do and doesn't know where to find it.

When Castiel later enters the Empty to talk to Ruby , the Occultum's last owner, its revealed that Billie and the Shadow are working together and as a result, it allowed Billie to resurrect Jack.

Billie has promised the entity that once everything is over, she will send it back to sleep, something that it desperately wants, surprising Castiel that Billie can do that.

However, while torturing Castiel, the Shadow comments that Billie never mentioned needing Castiel for her plan. Jack ultimately fulfills his quest, resulting in the Occultum restoring Jack's lost soul.

Dumah is an angel portrayed by Erica Cerra who is one of the very few angels left alive by season 13 and appears to hold a position of power amongst the remaining few.

Dumah first appears in "War of the Worlds" as Castiel 's contact in Heaven who he meets with about the disappearance of Jack, Lucifer's Nephilim son.

Dumah assures Castiel that Jack is not in the angels custody and reveals that they want Jack because they see him as their only chance to make new angels.

Dumah tells Castiel that the angels are in danger of going extinct and are willing to go to any measures to survive, including enslaving Jack to make new angels.

Dumah brings in two other angels to ambush Castiel who fights back. The brief skirmish is interrupted by the surprise appearance of Lucifer who scares off Dumah and the other two angels.

Lucifer promises that if the angels bow to him as their leader, he can restore their wings and make new angels for them, claiming to know how as he witnessed God making the angels in the first place.

Dumah and all of the angels later bow to Lucifer in Heaven's Throne Room. Dumah subsequently appears in "Bring 'em Back Alive" and is ordered by Lucifer to dispatch angels to find his son.

After a brief hesitation, she agrees. In "Funeralia," Castiel returns to a Heaven experiencing power fluctuations. He is finally met by Dumah and a few other angels and requests their help, telling them about the fact that Gabriel is still alive, the upcoming invasion by an alternate Michael, the trapped Jack and the danger of Lucifer.

As the power fluctuates around them, Dumah tells Castiel that they might be able to help each other, orders him to wait in the throne room and disappears for a while.

When she returns, Dumah tells Castiel that if he can find Gabriel and bring him back to Heaven, the angels can help him with everything else such as finding Michael and defending Earth.

When Castiel tells her that he can't find them which is why he needs her help, Dumah admits that that is a problem. Castiel asks why Dumah can't just send a few angels to search for Gabriel before Naomi appears and tells him that Dumah won't help him because she and the angels can't.

Naomi subsequently explains that there are now less than a dozen angels left alive which includes Castiel, Naomi and Dumah.

The low number of angels is causing the power fluctuations in Heaven and if things don't change soon, the angels will burn out and Heaven will crumble.

As a result, Naomi and Heaven's remaining angels can't leave Heaven without risking it crumbling. Castiel encounters an unconscious Dumah who wakes up and joins Castiel on his mission to find and resurrect Jack.

After Castiel finds Jack, Dumah is revealed to be possessed by the Entity who uses her form to attack Castiel and make a deal with him. When the Entity departs Heaven, it leaves Dumah's body, leaving her with apparently no memory of her possession.

Dumah will only tell him that Naomi is "indisposed," but confirms that Mary Winchester is dead and at peace in Heaven. Dumah reveals that she has overthrown Naomi, pointing out that the Entity invaded Heaven under Naomi's watch and nearly killed all of the angels.

Though Dumah promises to help, she locates Jack and begins manipulating him for her own ends, creating a reign of terror wherein humans are beaten into submission, Heaven is stripped of all mercy and Jack acts to solidify Dumah's own power.

Dumah defends her actions as being necessary to save Heaven, the angels and the world and states her intentions to guide Jack. When Castiel moves to take Jack and leave, Dumah stops him and threatens to use her new power over Heaven to end John and Mary's peaceful shared Heaven together with just a snap of her fingers.

Enraged, Castiel instantly draws his angel blade and kills Dumah before she can react, leaving her body on the floor of Heaven as Castiel heads off after Jack.

In "Moriah," Jack recognizes that Dumah had been using him when talking with Castiel. Having grown tired of watching his brothers fight each other in Heaven, he fled to Earth thousands of years prior to the series, assuming the role of a Pagan trickster.

For his first appearance in the second-season episode " Tall Tales ", the writers decided not to put their own spin on trickster lore— as is usually done with other villains— keeping the "deadly sense of humor" and decision to go after the "high and mighty to bring them down a notch", [4] with Gabriel causing several violent urban legends to come to life on a college campus and punish those residing there.

Sam and Dean Winchester investigate and eventually figure out his identity, though the Trickster is waiting for them and offers a peaceful resolution so long as they let him leave to terrorize another town.

Sam and Dean refuse, and attack him with the help of fellow hunter Bobby Singer, and the Trickster fakes his own death.

The Trickster reappears in the season 3 episode " Mystery Spot ", trapping Sam in a time loop where Dean ends up dying in many different ways.

After over a hundred loops, Sam threatens the Trickster with a blood-covered stake, after which he agrees to break the loop. But when Sam considers killing him regardless, the Trickster sends the two to the next day where Dean once again dies, but is unable to be resurrected due to there being no more time loop.

Months later, he calls Sam to him, where he tries to drive in a point: the two brothers continually sacrificing themselves for one another would bring no good, and when people die, their survivors just have to learn to accept it and live with it.

However the Trickster gives Sam what he wants, lamenting the whole situation had become boring months ago for him anyway. In the season 5 episode " Changing Channels ", he lures the Winchesters to him with a case that makes it obvious he is involved.

He traps Sam and Dean in an endless thread of television shows where they must play out their roles to survive, while ignoring their attempts at having him in them in the apocalypse.

Gabriel also explains this was his way of getting them to consequently be willing to accept their roles as vessels for Lucifer and Michael respectively.

In one of the scenarios, he banishes Castiel and is livid at a response about the Archangels. He is later stabbed with a stake, a move that would kill regular trickster spirits, however, he continues to put them in the shows.

Dean and Sam trap him in a burning circle of holy oil, suspecting he is an angel because he survived the staking, how he and Castiel interacted, and his anger at the insults of the Archangels.

He then reveals that he is the archangel Gabriel, which doesn't surprise them. He explains he left Heaven because of the conflict of his family, he even expresses his desire for the Winchesters to say yes to becoming Michael's and Lucifer's vessels since their lives mirror that of the angels.

Dean forces him to bring Castiel back and frees Gabriel from his trap and accuses him of giving up because he's simply too afraid to stand up to his own family.

Gabriel returns in "Hammer of the Gods", attending the summit of pagan gods under the guise of Loki; however, he intends to rescue the brothers as their plan to lure Lucifer would easily fail, and Lucifer would slaughter them all.

As he intends to prevent Kali , an old flame, from suffering a bloody fate, he tries to get them out; but he tells them he cannot rescue the pagan's hostages as it would be too difficult.

However, later he is forced to comply; the rescue attempt results in the brothers' capture once again. Kali who is keeping the brothers from leaving as their spilled blood binds them to her reveals she, along with the other gods, knew of his identity for a while.

Kali takes his sword and stabs him with it apparently killing him, but Gabriel appears to Dean and reveals the sword was a fake and suggests Dean should seduce Kali so they can escape.

Lucifer shows up at the hotel, slaughtering most of the gods. Gabriel is then forced to step in, allowing Kali and the brothers to leave.

Gabriel confronts his brother about loyalties and their past, but ultimately fails and is killed by his own blade. He later reveals, through a modified porn movie, Lucifer can be recaptured in his previous prison, with the four rings of the Horsemen.

Gabriel returns in the season 9 episode "Meta Fiction" where he reveals to Castiel that he has been in Heaven since he 'died'. However, when Heaven kicked all the angels out, Gabriel was forced to go on the run from Metatron.

He tells Castiel that Metatron was using the Horn of Gabriel to trap and kill the angels and that he needs Castiel to help him fight.

When the two are running, they stop at a gas station where they realize that some of Metatron's loyal subjects were following them. Gabriel offers to fight them off because he still has some of his Archangel mojo left but then Castiel realizes that the whole situation was an illusion.

Castiel then asks if Gabriel is really still alive, but all Gabriel does for an answer is raise his eyebrows before disappearing.

Metatron says later that Gabriel played out his part well. In "We Happy Few", God confirms that Gabriel is dead when they discuss how the four archangels were required to help God barely defeat the Darkness the first time.

God tells the Winchesters that while they have Lucifer fighting with them, Michael is in no shape to fight and Raphael and Gabriel are dead.

When Dean reminds God that he has resurrected Castiel before, God tells him that he can't resurrect the archangels so easily as they are beings of primordial creation.

As a result, it will take far too much time to resurrect Gabriel and Raphael to help fight the Darkness. In the season 13 "Devil's Bargain", the Prince of Hell Asmodeus reveals to Arthur Ketch that he has gotten his hands on an Archangel Blade, the only known weapon that can kill an archangel.

When Arthur reminds Asmodeus that the lore states that only an archangel can wield the blade, Asmodeus reveals that he has Gabriel, somehow still alive, as his prisoner.

Gabriel is now in a beaten and bloody state with his mouth sewn shut. In "The Thing", Arthur discovers that Asmodeus is injecting himself with Gabriel's grace to power up.

Following a brutal beating by Asmodeus, Arthur rescues Gabriel and steals the archangel blade and Asmodeus' store of Gabriel's grace.

Arthur brings the traumatized Gabriel to the Winchesters who are shocked to see the archangel whom they believed to be dead and learn of his captivity.

Using Gabriel's extracted grace, the Winchesters are able to complete a ritual to open a door into an alternate reality that Dean passes through, leaving Sam and Gabriel behind.

In "Bring 'em Back Alive", Sam and Castiel attempt to treat the traumatized Gabriel who cringes away from all attempts to help him and appears unable to speak, even with the stitches holding his mouth shut cut.

Gabriel eventually writes his story on the wall in Enochian, revealing that he actually faked his death during the Apocalypse by tricking Lucifer into stabbing another duplicate of himself.

Free of responsibility, Gabriel returned to a life of personal enjoyment until he was captured and sold to Asmodeus.

After a plea by Sam, Gabriel starts responding, but retreats into himself again after learning that Asmodeus knows where he is. When Asmodeus invades the bunker, Gabriel is recaptured, but snaps out of his traumatized state when Asmodeus starts torturing Sam and Castiel.

Healing himself, Gabriel quickly kills Asmodeus, he is informed of the events that followed in his absence but refuses to help further and departs the bunker.

With the departure of Gabriel and the use of the last of his stored grace in an effort to heal him, the Winchesters are left without a way to reopen the door to Apocalypse World.

They are also left without a powerful ally who could've helped them fight Michael. During "Funeralia", Castiel visited Heaven and made the other angels aware of Gabriel still being alive, to their surprise.

The angels tasked Castiel with retrieving Gabriel so that Heaven could properly fluctuate because of the low number of angels. It Is revealed that millennia before, Gabriel rescued Loki and made a deal with him where Gabriel took on Loki's form and persona as The Trickster to go into "witness protection.

Low on grace and wounded, Gabriel arms himself with specially-crafted wooden swords and seeks the help of the Winchesters after he is wounded and sense they were following him.

In exchange for Gabriel helping them, the Winchesters agree to help Gabriel get revenge. Gabriel kills Loki and keeps his promise to return to the bunker with the Winchesters and joins their quest to stop Michael.

In "Beat the Devil", Gabriel gives up some of his archangel grace to complete the spell to open up the rift to Apocalypse World, but the spell fails.

Gabriel and Rowena banter about where the fault over the spell's failure lies and then have sex. He then assists the Winchesters in their plan to capture Lucifer and use his grace to complete the spell.

While traveling to find Mary and Jack, Castiel informs Gabriel of the precarious situation in Heaven but Gabriel is reluctant to intervene.

Sam is killed during a battle with a nest of vampires. The group then finds the human camp where Mary and Jack are, and Gabriel and Castiel work together to break the warding against angels so they can enter.

After informing Mary and Jack of Sam's demise, Jack asks why Gabriel or Castiel did not revive him, but Gabriel tells him that they are not strong enough.

Lucifer then enters the camp with a resurrected Sam. In "Exodus", Gabriel interacts with his nephew and brother before he angrily disagrees with Lucifer's characterization of his and his family's history, telling Lucifer and Jack that Lucifer only plays the victim to excuse his evil deeds.

That night, as Gabriel guards Lucifer, they argue and Gabriel compares Lucifer to a cancer, saying that God was right to cast him into the cage, which causes Lucifer become emotional and shed tears.

Later, he helps the Winchesters and their allies evacuate Apocalypse World. The alternate version of Michael then appears, which shocks Gabriel.

He watches as Lucifer is tossed aside and Michael setting his sights on him, as Gabriel tells the Winchesters he's not running and decides to confront Michael.

They then battle with him doing very well and landing hits on Michael, who overpowers and kills Gabriel with an archangel blade, to the Winchester's horror.

The Winchesters use this as a distraction and retreat to their world. They inform Castiel of Gabriel's demise, which saddens him but he takes comfort in being told that he died a noble death in helping them all escape.

An angel portrayed by Tahmoh Penikett and Jared Padalecki , Gadreel was assigned to guard the Garden of Eden but was disgraced when Lucifer got in, which God and angels regarded as his fault.

Gadreel was locked up in Heaven's deepest dungeon and heavily tortured for his failure, but was released when Metatron's spell made all angels fall to Earth.

Wanting to make up for his past, Gadreel answers Dean's prayers for help, taking on the identity of an angel named Ezekiel, who died in the Fall.

When Gadreel's powers cannot heal Sam. Dean ultimately agrees and Gadreel invades Sam's mind, assuming Dean's form to manipulate Sam into saying "yes," which Gadreel takes as the permission he needs to possess Sam.

Gadreel tells Dean that he will let Sam keep control of his body while he himself works in the background, but that it's best that Sam not know he is there.

If Sam doesn't allow Gadreel to remain in his body, Sam could eject him and would die as a result. In the following episodes, Gadreel occasionally takes control of Sam's body in order to kill enemies when they get the better of Sam, to resurrect slain allies of Sam and Dean, and to heal the injuries Sam gets on hunts.

He regularly erases Sam's memory of these moments in attempt to keep Sam from getting suspicious.

Gadreel is wary of Castiel's presence as he fears being found by the angels looking for Castiel to the point that he would have vacated Sam's body—and in doing so, consigned Sam to die—to flee if Dean hadn't agreed to make Castiel leave the bunker in "I'm No Angel".

When Castiel turns up on a case in mid-season finale "Holy Terror," Gadreel once more forces Dean to send him away. In the same episode, he crosses paths with Metatron, who reveals his true identity and backstory and offers him a chance to "redeem" himself by becoming his lieutenant and helping him usher in a new, better Heaven.

After discerning that Dean has learned new information from Castiel that he is not Ezekiel and has turned against him, now attempting to tell Sam the truth and get him to expel him, Gadreel murders Kevin and steals the tablets on Metatron's orders in a show of allegiance to the latter.

The following episode, "Road Trip", Metatron sends Gadreel to kill his former guard and torturer to please his new follower; when he finds out that Gadreel didn't kill Dean as well as Kevin, however, Gadreel is punished by being forced to kill again, this time his old friend Abner.

He is then captured by Dean, Castiel, and Crowley, who learn his true identity when Crowley drives spikes through Gadreel's brain to revert him to his trance-like "factory settings" and an enraged Castiel reveals the cause of Gadreel's infamy to Dean.

Gadreel then reverts to normal and tells them that he will not leave Sam's body, nor can they reach Sam, whom he has placed in a fantasy world unaware of what is really happening.

With Crowley revealing the truth to Sam by possessing him to communicate with him, Gadreel and Sam fight briefly before Sam finally expels him.

Gadreel continues working for Metatron, recruiting angels for their side in "Meta Fiction" and killing the ones who refuse. Gadreel is captured and interrogated by Sam and Dean, but refuses to give up any information and instead tries to push Dean into killing him, which fails as Dean knows they need Gadreel.

Gadreel is saved when Metatron has them trade him Gadreel for Castiel, whom he has captured. In "King of the Damned", Gadreel meets with Castiel, who tries to persuade Gadreel that he is being used by Metatron and should be working against him, as Castiel's spy.

Gadreel declines as he believes that betraying a cause he has dedicated himself to would infringe on his honor; Castiel is sympathetic and leaves his offer open.

The next episode, Gadreel discovers that Metatron is having his own angels—ones Gadreel himself had recruited—kill themselves as part of a ploy to discredit Castiel, which proves to be the incentive he needed to turn on the cause.

Gadreel offers his assistance to Castiel and the Winchesters; although Dean attacks him, Gadreel is saved by Sam and Castiel, who agree to accept his help.

In the finale, "Do You Believe in Miracles? However, their scheme is already known to Metatron's angels, who trick them into Heaven's dungeon and imprison them.

They cannot convince the angels to help them against Metatron, due to Gadreel's negative reputation. Hoping that he will be remembered as an angel who helped save Heaven instead of the angel who let Lucifer into the Garden, Gadreel sacrifices himself by using the suicide bombers' spell to destroy himself and the dungeon, thus freeing Castiel and in the process convincing one of Metatron's angels Hannah of his good intentions.

Hannah, portrayed by Erica Carroll and Lee Majdoub in her female and male vessels, respectively, is one of the countless number of angels who fell from Heaven due to Metatron's incantation of the angel banishing spell at the end of "Sacrifice".

She possesses a married woman named Caroline Johnson as her vessel on Earth. She attempts to sneak and kill Castiel, who is also lured by the sigil , but fails and begs for her life.

Joining Castiel, the two arrive at the sigil and meet Gadreel, who offers the two and other angels a chance to join Metatron.

When Hannah and her friends refuse, Gadreel proceeds to kill nearly all angels in the area, but spares Hannah, who is healed by Castiel; it is later revealed that Metatron deliberately tells Gadreel to spare Hannah so she could inform Castiel about what happened.

Hannah then becomes Castiel's second-in-command from then on, helping him building an angel army in the war against Metatron.

In "Stairway To Heaven", Hannah convinces Dean to approach civilly with Tessa, who has been used by Metatron as a suicide bomber; she becomes furious when Dean apparently killed Tessa with the First Blade though the latter actually committed suicide , and is further infuriated when she learns from Metatron's broadcast that Castiel had lied about his dwindling grace.

Hannah and Castiel's other angel allies join Metatron's army upon Castiel's refusal to kill Dean in retribution for Tessa's death.

She refuses to believe that killing Metatron would restore the order, accusing Castiel and Gadreel of their lie and selfishness, respectively.

However, she becomes convinced when Gadreel kills himself to prove his fidelity to humans, and joins Castiel in his insurgency against Metatron. Eventually, the two manage to topple Metatron, who is imprisoned, though Hannah warns Castiel at the end that his dwindling grace would result in his death.

After Metatron's downfall, Hannah takes charge to return all the fallen angels back to Heaven. She contacts Castiel to help her in returning two rogue angels, Daniel and Adina, who have become content with their life on Earth.

Though Hannah fails to return the two with their death, Castiel decides to accompany her for the time being in her task. Throughout their journey, the two develop a romantic relationship, with Hannah becoming protective enough of Castiel that she suggests to kill a rogue angel and feed its grace to Castiel, though he declines.

However, when she encounters her vessel, Caroline's husband searching for his wife, Hannah realizes that Caroline deserves more chance to enjoy her mortal life.

Deciding that she has enjoyed her time on Earth, Hannah releases Caroline of her grace, but not before kissing Castiel; inspired by her decision, Castiel contacts his vessel, Jimmy Novak's family.

Since leaving her main vessel, Caroline, Hannah has been taking a man as her new vessel. She blocks Sam and Castiel from entering Heaven to free Metatron, and when the two get around with the plan with Bobby's help, she and several other angels corner Bobby afterwards to punish him for his actions.

In Form and Void , Hannah saves Castiel from being tortured by two angels, but he soon realizes that it is a ruse so she can get information about the Winchesters from him.

The two other angels attempt to "hack" Castiel's brain, something that Hannah is uncomfortable with. In the scuffle that follows, Hannah is murdered by the angel Efram for her interference, but Castiel kills both Efram and his partner Jonah in turn.

Subsequently, in The Bad Seed , an angel tells a demon that things in Heaven have gotten bad since Hannah's death. Hester is an angel portrayed by Emily Holmes who once served under the command of Castiel.

After Castiel's departure from Heaven, Hester presumably took control over his garrison. In season 7's "Reading is Fundamental," Hester appears in a psychiatric hospital with the angel Inias after Kevin Tran is chosen as a Prophet following the uncovering of the Leviathan Tablet.

Hester is disgusted to see Sam with the demon Meg and orders Meg and Sam killed and Kevin taken to the desert. The confrontation is interrupted by the appearance of Castiel who the angels are shocked to see as he is believed to be dead.

Hester is enraged by Castiel's appearance after everything he has done and further by his obvious insanity. Before the situation can devolve any further, Dean banishes all three angels using an angel banishing sigil.

Later, after Meg kills two demons, Hester returns with Inias and two other angels. Hester refuses to let Kevin translate the tablet for the Winchesters and, blaming Dean for Castiel's state, goes to attack him.

When Castiel intervenes, Hester has an emotional breakdown and beats Castiel who refuses to fight back with Hester refusing to relent even when Inias pleads with her to.

When Hester goes to kill Castiel, Meg stabs Hester through the back with an angel blade, killing her.

Meg justifies that "someone had to" to her shocked audience. Following Hester's death, the more agreeable Inias takes control of the situation and allows Kevin to finish the translation before sending two angels to protect him at his home rather than the desert.

Ishim, portrayed by Ian Tracey , is a powerful angel and garrison commander Castiel once served under appearing in season After the murder of the angel Benjamin in " Lily Sunder Has Some Regrets ," Ishim calls for a meeting with Mirabel and Castiel, all that is left of his old garrison and is displeased when the Winchesters accompany Castiel.

Ishim reveals that in addition to Benjamin's murder, two more angels of their old garrison have been killed over the past few years.

After Mirabel leaves and doesn't come back, Ishim heads outside and is shocked to find Mirabel dead and Lily Sunder waiting for him.

Lily proves immune to Ishim's smiting power and wounds Ishim with an angel blade before Castiel and the Winchesters intervene, driving her off.

Retreating to an old church, Castiel and Ishim recite the story of a time in when their garrison was sent to execute the angel Akobel for fathering a Nephilim.

After Akobel's death, Ishim killed the young girl alone but left her mother, Lily Sunder, alive out of pity.

Ishim claims that Lily must've made a deal for demonic power and is left with Castiel as the Winchesters go after Lily.

Castiel heals Ishim's injuries, leaving Ishim feeling better than he has in a millennia but leaving Castiel weakened. When the Winchesters confront Lily she reveals the truth: a professor of apocalyptic literature, Lily had been obsessed with angels and eventually discovered a spell to summon one.

The spell summoned Ishim who became obsessed with Lily and told her a great many of the angels secrets. However, Lily recognized that Ishim was in fact a monster and left him and married Akobel for protection.

Her daughter was human and the murders of Akobel and May were Ishim getting revenge upon her. Lily's powers in fact come from Enochian magic, something that burns away part of her soul every time she uses it.

Dean returns to the church and reveals the truth to Castiel, leading to a fight with Ishim who defeats both of them and forces Dean not to use an angel banishing sigil upon him.

Lily arrives with Sam and engages Ishim in combat, but proves to be no match for the powerful angel even with Sam and Dean's help.

Ishim fights through Lily's telekinesis and attempts to kill her with an angel blade. At the last moment, Castiel stabs Ishim through the back with his own angel blade, killing him and saving Lily as well as avenging Akobel and May.

Though Lily achieves her revenge with Ishim's death, she is left unsure of whether or not she can let go of her vengeance upon Castiel.

Ishim is mentioned again in season 14's "Byzantium. However, a sliver still survives and her new goal now that she's had her revenge is to get into Heaven to be with her daughter that Ishim murdered.

He is the first and only known Nephilim to be sired by an Archangel. Jack was taken in by Sam Winchester and Dean Winchester who would teach him how to master his powers.

During this time, Jack played in the resurrection of Castiel who he had chosen as his father. Jack left the Winchesters and Castiel to go off to master his powers and, in an effort to prove that he is good, searched for a way to locate Mary Winchester for her sons.

Jack traveled to 'Apocalypse World' where he rescued Mary and they fought Michael's angel army to protect a human colony. Wanting to free the Apocalypse World from Michael's reign, Jack helped Mary to consolidate the human survivor groups to form a resistance and stand against the angels, including an alternate version of Bobby Singer.

In the months that followed, Jack's resistance engaged the angels in numerous conflicts; using his abilities, Jack frequently turned the tide of the battle in favor of the resistance, and he gained the respect and admiration of many key leaders.

Later, he was reunited with Sam, Dean, and Castiel, during which time he also met his biological father Lucifer and his 'uncle' Gabriel.

Lucifer tempted Jack to join his interests by portraying himself as a sympathetic victim; however, Gabriel, Castiel, and the Winchesters reminded Jack of Lucifer's history and encouraged him to trust his instincts.

Reluctantly, Jack began to believe Lucifer and hoped they could defeat Michael together. Even so, these hopes were cut short by the Winchesters who stranded Lucifer during the evacuation of the resistance to their world.

Lucifer however returned and offered to take Jack to the stars where they could go on a father-son journey cross the known universe.

Jack at first accepted, but after discovering that Lucifer cut a deal with Michael to abandon the earth so that it could be completely destroyed, Jack disowned him as his father.

In retaliation, Lucifer attacked Jack and stole his grace to attack Michael, kidnapping both Jack and Sam after defeating him.

Lucifer attempted to force Jack and Sam to kill each other, but the pair were rescued by Dean who was empowered by the Alternate Michael.

Months after Lucifer's death, Jack struggled with trying to adjust to life as a human; still wanting to contribute, he takes lessons on hunting and magic from the human survivors and Castiel, though he secretly hides an illness that stems from his lack of grace and his body attacking itself.

He ultimately succumbs to his illness and ascends to Heaven where he meets his mother for the first time, he is also pursued by the empty's ruler The Shadow who attempts to bring him to his domain.

Because of Castiel's intervention, he is resurrected with Enochian magic keeping him alive. In a confrontation with Michael, he taps into the power of his soul and finally kills Michael, ending his reign of terror and absorbing the Archangel's grace to regain his own Nephilim powers.

However, he starts to show that he is not necessarily back to himself, since he burned off a large portion of his soul in the process.

It Is eventually revealed that Jack used up all of his soul to kill Michael and is now completely soulless. In "Moriah," God provides the Winchesters with a gun that can kill Jack, ostensibly due to the danger Jack poses though it will also kill the shooter.

Enraged at the loss of his mother, Dean confronts Jack in a cemetery where he has been meeting with Castiel. Rather than fight, Jack accepts that in his soulless state he really is a monster and orders Dean to kill him.

However, Dean can't bring himself to kill Jack, enraging God who wanted Jack dead at Dean's hands due to the perfect addition Dean, as Jack's father, killing Jack would make to his story.

Even with God offering to resurrect Mary again, Dean refuses to kill Jack, knowing that Mary wouldn't want him to make that deal.

With the Winchesters and Castiel turning against him, God smites Jack with a snap of his fingers and begins the end of the world. As all of the souls of Hell rise, Jack awakens in the Empty where he is greeted by the Shadow and Billie.

As Jack wonders what's happening, Billie tells him that they need to talk about that. His corpse was subsequently used as a vessel by the demon Belphegor to help the Winchesters after he escaped from Hell.

However, Castiel smote Belphegor after learning that the demon intended to use the Winchesters to gain power for himself.

This second smiting burnt Jack's corpse into a charred skeleton which was apparently left on the floor of Lilith's Chamber in Hell when Castiel had to climb out before the rupture between Earth and Hell closed.

In season 15's "The Trap," Jack is revealed to still be awake in the Empty. As he looks around the realm, Billie appears to tell Jack that "it's time.

In "The Gamblers," a resurrected Jack is discovered by Castiel to be hunting Grigori, fallen angels who have been feeding on the souls of innocent people.

After killing the Grigori, Jack eats their hearts to grow stronger, but refuses to use his powers as it will draw God's attention to him and reveal his resurrection.

Castiel rescues Jack from the last of the Grigori and Jack is reunited with his family. Jack explains that Billie had kept him hidden away in the Empty until God left the Earth at which point it was safe for Billie to resurrect him.

In "Galaxy Brain," the resurrected Jack is revealed to still be soulless, causing worry amongst the Winchesters given what happened last time.

After learning that Kaia is alive and trapped in the Bad Place from Dark Kaia, the Winchesters attempt to find a way back without using Jack's powers.

As they attempt to find a solution, Jack views Kaia through Dark Kaia's mind and decides to take the risk to help his friend.

With the reluctant help of a Reaper named Merle, assigned by Billie to watch over Jack, the Winchesters and Castiel manage to temporarily hide Jack's use of powers from God, allowing him to open a rift to the Bad Place.

After Kaia's rescue, Billie kills Merle for failing to keep Jack in line and explains that everyone has a book in Death's library detailing their fate, even God.

The book describing God's ultimate destruction mentions Jack, Sam and Dean, though Billie refuses to elaborate further. In "Destiny's Child," the Winchesters discuss the ramifications of Jack killing God and consider having him kill the Darkness as well to maintain the balance.

After a brief encounter with an alternate Sam and Dean, Billie arrives to warn that God is almost done destroying alternate universes and will soon return to their world.

Billie reveals that she has another quest for Jack, stating that the first was to strengthen his body but the second is more spiritual in nature.

Billie instructs them to find the Occultum though she doesn't know where it is and refuses to explain what it will do for Jack. While the Winchesters talk to Anael, Jack speaks with Castiel about being soulless and how he can't feel emotion anymore, something that he is clearly bothered by, though he still understands why he once felt the way he did and the pain Jack caused the Winchesters by killing Mary.

Jack questions if Dean will ever forgive him and Castiel assures the young Nephilim that with time Dean likely will.

After the Winchesters depart to Hell to search for the Occultum, supposedly hidden there by Ruby , Castiel has Jack drain most of his life force so that Castiel can travel into the Empty and question Ruby herself.

Jack reluctantly complies and brings Castiel back on Sam and Dean's orders when they return. Having gotten the Occultum's location, Castiel leads the others to a church guarded by hellhounds where they uncover a small orb.

Swallowing the orb, Jack is transported to the Garden of Eden where he is confronted by a mysterious young girl and the Snake. After the Snake asks who Jack is and who he is meant to be, Jack experiences flashes of his life before collapsing in tears.

Jack's return to the church kills the hellhounds and Sam and Dean later find him in the bunker's kitchen, crying with remorse and horror over killing Mary.

Jessica is a Reaper portrayed by Kayla Stanton who works under Billie following her resurrection as the new Death and is introduced in season Unlike most Reapers, Jessica has a friendly and bright attitude to make it easier for the deceased, but maintains a "hands off" policy in dealing with the living due to Billie's rules.

Jessica first appears in "Advanced Thanatology" after Dean briefly commits suicide to find out the location of the bodies of a group of ghosts trapped in a house from the ghosts themselves.

Jessica greets Dean who simply brushes her off before carrying on. After Dean makes a deal with Billie for her to free the ghosts trapped in the house, Billie sends Jessica to complete the deal.

Jessica is able to get the ghosts to move onto the afterlife and watches with a smile as they ascend to Heaven before reporting to Billie telepathically that the job is done.

As a result of Billie and Jessica freeing the ghosts, the Winchesters are able to alert the authorities to recover the bodies and return them to their families rather than having to salt and burn them.

Jessica returns in "Funeralia" where she reveals that Billie has been having her follow the Winchesters around. Jessica warns the Winchesters that the witch Rowena is killing people ahead of their time and the Reapers sent to collect their souls, thus messing with fate.

Due to Billie's rules, Jessica is unable to intervene directly and has instead been sent to warn the Winchesters so they can deal with the problem.

During the case, Jessica constantly hovers around the Winchesters, offering information, but refusing to intervene directly in situations even when they are in danger due to Billie's rules.

After the situation is resolved, Jessica disappears again. In season 14's "Nihilism," a desperate Sam attempts to call on Jessica for help with escaping from Michael's monsters.

However, the Reaper Violet appears instead. Violet explains that the Reapers are now on shifts watching the Winchesters instead of Jessica handling the job alone.

Following God's departure from Heaven, Joshua is the only angel that God still speaks to, though Joshua himself clarifies that it is more that God talks to him, not that they hold a conversation and he suggests that it's because he can relate "gardener to gardener.

Joshua first appears in season 5's "Dark Side of the Moon" where the Winchesters are instructed to find him by Castiel after they are murdered and end up in Heaven.

Castiel sees Joshua as the best chance of finding God or at least of learning what God is saying due to the widespread knowledge of Joshua and God talking.

The Winchesters efforts to find Joshua are interrupted by Zachariah who intends to torture them so that Dean will say "yes" to possession by the archangel Michael.

However, Joshua appears to intervene, having been sent by God. Joshua is able to force Zachariah to back off and transports the Winchesters to Heaven's Garden.

There, Joshua reveals that while God saved them when Lucifer rose and resurrected Castiel, He has no intention of doing so again and wants them to back off.

Joshua expresses sympathy for their cause, telling them that he wishes he could do more "but I just trim the hedges. In season 12's "Somewhere Between Heaven and Hell," the angel Kelvin reveals to Castiel that Joshua has taken up a leadership role in the hunt for Lucifer's unborn Nephilim son.

Kelvin proposes Castiel join the angels search, telling him that if he does, Joshua can get Castiel pardoned for his crimes. The mission results in Kelvin's capture and the death of another angel, but Castiel can't bring himself to outright kill Kelly and instead abducts her.

Castiel is instructed by Joshua over "angel radio" to bring Kelly to the portal to Heaven as passage through it will kill both Kelly and her child.

When the two arrive at the portal, Joshua himself emerges to greet them. However, he is combusted to dust moments later by Dagon. After killing Joshua, Dagon reveals that she had learned of their backup plan from Kelvin and laid in wait for hours to ambush the angels when they arrived at the portal.

Kelvin is an angel portrayed by Nathan Mitchell who was a major part of the hunt for Lucifer's unborn Nephilim child.

Having met Castiel only once before, Kelvin first appears in season 12's "Somewhere Between Heaven and Hell" when Castiel is investigating the deaths of two angels at the hands of the Prince of Hell Dagon.

Unlike many of his siblings, Kelvin holds no grudge against Castiel and proposes that Castiel join the angels hunt.

In exchange, Kelvin promises Castiel that the angel Joshua, who is leading the effort, can get Castiel pardoned for his crimes. During the fight, another angel named Hozai is killed by Dagon and Kelvin is captured while Castiel abducts Kelly and escapes.

After communicating with Lucifer telepathically, Dagon extensively tortures Kelvin for information, figuring that despite the fact that Kelvin is unaware of any backup plans, he would be able to figure out what the angels would do next.

After killing Joshua, Dagon reveals that she had succeeded in getting information from Kelvin and then killed him hours before.

Lucifer , portrayed primarily by Mark Pellegrino , Jared Padalecki , Misha Collins , Rick Springfield and David Chisum , is the second oldest archangel, the first fallen angel, introduced as a recurring character in the fifth season of the series.

From his prison in hell, he orchestrated events not only seen in seasons one through four, but decades prior, to eventually lead to his release by breaking the 66 seals.

In the episode " Sin City ", he was described as the 'father' and god of the demons, the one who gave them their form and purpose.

Azazel reinforced this by referring to him as "My Father" while possessing a priest before slaughtering a convent of nuns.

However, in "Abandon All Hope In the episode "The End", Lucifer states his fall was the result of refusing God's decree to love humans more than him.

As a result, God had Michael cast him into hell. Ruby also reveals in "When the Levee Breaks" in defiance to God, he turned Lilith into the first demon.

Both Death and Gabriel have compared Lucifer's hatred of humans to ""one big temper tantrum! Lucifer does not like how humans have changed the planet from its original state, and hopes to purify it.

He is also very critical of humans, mostly in how they blame him for their own mistakes, wrongdoings, flaws and failures. Creator Eric Kripke has jokingly compared him to a "raging psychotic" version of environmentalist Ed Begley Jr.

Due to his angelic and spiritual nature, Lucifer needs a human vessel in order to interact directly with the physical world. Lucifer seeks out a man named Nick , whose wife and baby had recently been murdered.

As revealed in season 14's "Damaged Goods," Lucifer himself arranged for the murders through the demon Abraxas so that he could manipulate Nick. Tormenting Nick about the tragedy, he casts illusions such as a baby crying and blood pouring from the crib, eventually appearing to Nick in the form of his late wife Sarah.

Openly admitting his identity to Nick, he tries to gain sympathy by telling Nick he was punished for loving God too much. He then convinces Nick to be his vessel by promising to get vengeance against God for allowing his family to be murdered.

He forms a ritual to summon Death and when the Winchesters, Harvelles and Castiel arrive, he traps Castiel in holy oil and sends Meg after the others.

After being ambushed by the brothers he is shot with the Colt but survives; he then reveals his status as one of five things in creation immune to the Colt; while the brothers escape with Castiel's help, he manages to summon Death and bind him under his control.

During a convention of pagan gods in "Hammer of the Gods", Lucifer is made aware of the brothers' location by Mercury, who betrays the rest of them.

Slaughtering all the gods, he approaches the brothers and is stalled by Kali until Gabriel arrives. Gabriel provides safe passage for Kali and the brothers, and confronts Lucifer about his ultimate reason for rebellion, claiming that he rebelled not because he recognized that humans were flawed, but because he was no longer their father's favorite son.

Lucifer questions Gabriel's loyalties, but he replies that he believes — by virtue of his experiences with them — humans, despite their flaws, strive to do their best.

Ultimately, Lucifer kills Gabriel with his own sword when Gabriel's attempt to catch Lucifer off-guard with a duplicate fails, but he is clearly distraught over this.

Having acquired all four rings of the Horseman which can trap Lucifer back in his prison , Sam and Dean enter Lucifer's hideout, planning to trap him when Sam agrees to be his vessel; this completely fails, as Lucifer is too powerful to fight.

Lucifer brings forward four demons, who had been part of Azazel's surveillance of Sam since his youth and kills them all in a way of "letting off steam" and acquiring Sam's trust.

Luzifer vertraute während dieses Konflikts auf seinen älteren Bruder, den Erzengel Michael, dass er sich während der Rebellion auf seine Seite stellt.

Aber Michael lehnte sein Angebot ab, stand weiterhin treu zu Gott und vertrieb seinen eigenen Bruder aus dem Himmel.

Nach seiner Vertreibung aus dem Himmel schaffte der Erzengel es, sich vorbei an Gadreel in den Garten Eden zu schleichen. Dort gelang es ihm die Seele von Adams erster Frau, Lilith , zu korrumpieren und sie in den ersten Dämon der Geschichte zu verwandeln, ein Verbrechen, das Luzifer nicht nur aus Rache für seinen Rauswurf beging, sondern auch um Gott zu trotzen und seine Schöpfung zu verspotten.

Nach diesen unverzeihlichen Beleidigungen fiel Luzifers Bestrafung noch schlimmer aus. Gott erschuf eigens dafür die Hölle und warf Luzifer sowie einige andere Engel , die sich dem rebellierenden Erzengel inzwischen angeschlossen hatten, in diese hinein.

Doch selbst dieses Vorgehen konnte Luzifer nicht lange aufhalten. Er wollte Abels Platz einnehmen, um so sicherzustellen, dass Abel die Gelegenheit hatte in den Himmel zu kommen.

Als der Brudermord, der erste Mord in der Geschichte der Menschheit, vollbracht war, sah Gott ein, dass die Hölle Luzifer nicht halten konnte.

Aus diesem Grund erschuf Gott einen Käfig , in den er seinen einst loyalsten Sohn einsperrte. Bevor Luzifer jedoch für eine lange Zeit im Käfig verweilen sollte, gelang es ihm, Kain in einen sehr mächtigen Dämon, einen Ritter der Hölle zu verwandeln und ihm den Auftrag zu erteilen, weitere Ritter der Hölle zu erschaffen.

Hierfür übergab er das Mal, welches Luzifer von Gott bekommen hatte, an Kain. Der Käfig, in dem Luzifer eingesperrt war, wurde so konzipiert, dass er ihn niemals verlassen sollte.

Er wurde mit mehr als mächtigen Siegeln gesichert, von denen 66 gebrochen werden mussten, um ihn zu befreien.

Die Siegel waren dazu bestimmt, Luzifers Macht zu binden und ihn an der Flucht aus der Hölle zu hindern. Von 66 Siegeln, die zerstört werden mussten, waren nur zwei in einer bestimmten Reihenfolge zu brechen.

Obwohl er dort machtlos war, galt er als Herrscher der Hölle und wurde von den Dämonen als ihr Gott betrachtet.

Luzifer war im Käfig tief in der Hölle eingesperrt. Somit war er verantwortlich für Luzifers Auferstehung. Die Jagd auf Luzifer begann, aber es blieb nicht viel Zeit den Teufel aufzuhalten, da dieser seine eigenen Pläne verfolgte.

Dies war ihm jedoch nur in einem Körper möglich. Als die fünf entdeckt wurden, wurden sie von Höllenhunden angegriffen, wobei Jo schwer verletzt wurde.

Als Dean Luzifer mit dem Colt erschoss, ging Luzifer zu Boden, stand allerdings wieder auf und vollendete sein Vorhaben. Dean machte sich auf die Suche nach einem Weg, Luzifer aufzuhalten.

Anfangs schien nur die Möglichkeit zu bestehen, dass Michael Deans Körper übernimmt, da es so aussah, als wäre allein Michael in der Lage Luzifer aufzuhalten.

Dean ist allerdings nicht sicher, ob er Michael seinen Körper überlassen soll, da er auf eine zweite Möglichkeit hofft Luzifer aufzuhalten.

Dean, Sam und Castiel versuchten dann noch Gott zu finden, da er neben Michael der einzige war, der Luzifer aufhalten konnte, doch scheiterte jeder Versuch ihn zu finden.

Gabriel klärte die Brüder über die Tatsache auf, dass die vier Ringe der apokalyptischen Reiter Luzifers Käfig öffnen können und man ihn somit wieder einsperren kann.

Als Luzifer kurz davor war Dean zu töten, übernahm Sam die Kontrolle und öffnete den Käfig, um hineinzuspringen und somit Luzifer wegzusperren.

Als Michael, der Adams Körper übernommen hatte, versuchte ihn zurückzuhalten, wurde dieser mitgefangen, was bedeutet, dass beide in der Hölle gefangen wurden.

Nachdem die Mauer, die vom Tod geschaffen wurde, damit er sich nicht an die Vorfälle im Käfig erinnert, von Castiel zerstört wurde, konnte Sam sich an alles erinnern.

So sah er Luzifer, der ihn terrorisierte und ihn dazu brachte zu denken, dass er nie aus dem Käfig gekommen ist und noch immer mit ihm eingesperrt ist.

Sam konnte die Halluzinationen durch eine Narbe an der Hand, die er sich am Tag, an dem die Mauer gebrochen ist, an einer Scherbe zu gezogen hatte, unterdrücken.

Er drückte sie, um sich an den Schmerz der echten Welt zu erinnern. Die Schmerzen im Käfig und die Schmerzen auf der Erde sind unterschiedlich und so konnte Sam sich daran erinnern, dass Luzifer nicht wirklich da ist.

Von da an sieht er Luzifer immer. Es wird mit Sam sogar so schlimm, dass er in eine Nervenheilanstalt eingewiesen werden muss. Luzifer verschwindet jedoch bald, da er es liebt Sam zu foltern.

Als Dean sich vom Tod wünschte, ihn zu töten, da das Kainsmal die Oberhand übernahm, weigerte sich der Tod und erzählte ihm daraufhin von der Finsternis und wie Gott sie in das Mal verschloss.

Dieser habe es dann an Luzifer anvertraut, welches ihn verdarb und somit der Grund für seine Boshaftigkeit war.

Es wird angenommen, dass Michael oder Luzifer sie vor der Finsternis warnen wollen. Sam bestand darauf, die Dunkelheit aufzuhalten, aber John antwortete: "Gott hilft denen, die sich selbst helfen.

Man konnte zwei Hände erkennen, die von innen an die Wand des Käfigs greifen. Es ist bisher unklar, wem die Hände gehören.

Durch den Ausbruch der Finsternis bekam der Käfig offenbar Risse, durch die Luzifer Sam manipulieren konnte und ihm vermeintliche.

Visionen von Gott schickte, um Sam zum Käfig zu locken. Während Dean auf der Erde von Amara geküsst wurde, versagte der, von Rowena bewirkte Schutzzauber, und Sam landete bei Luzifer im Käfig, der wieder einmal Sams "Hülle" benutzen möchte, um die Welt vor der Finsternis zu retten.

Sam weigert sich aber standhaft bis zur letzten Sekunde, bis Castiel Luzifer sein "Ja" gibt. Der Zauber funktionierte nicht, weil Luzifer eine neue Hülle gefunden hat.

Nun kann sich Luzifer wieder frei auf der Erde bewegen und womöglich die Apokalypse erneut starten. Das konnte nur funktionieren, da Luzifer Rowena im Traum besuchte und einen Deal mit ihr schloss.

Nun nimmt er Crowley als "Hund" gefangen und kann sogar Sam und Dean täuschen, bis Sam ihm seine Seele anbietet, um Dean aus der Vergangenheit zu holen.

Da kann Luzifer sich nicht mehr verstellen, sodass nun auch Sam und Dean wissen, dass Luzifer in der Hülle von Castiel steckt.

Zuerst vernichtet er einen Engel, danach macht er den anderen Engeln klar, dass es Gott egal ist, was alles passiert.

Sam und Dean nehmen Luzifer in heiligem Feuer gefangen. Sobald er sich befreit hat, tackert er mit seiner Macht Dean und Sam an Stühlen fest.

Als Amara auftaucht, versucht Luzifer sie mit der Hand Gottes zu vernichten, aber sie zeigt keinerlei Wirkung auf Amara. Letzendlich verschwindet er mit Amara.

Amara und Luzifer sprechen miteinander, doch später werden Luzifer und natürlich auch Castiel von ihr gefoltert.

Metatron jedoch bleibt zurück und wird durch Amara getötet. Sam, Luzifer und Donatello Redfield flüchten im Impala vor Amara, sie werden allerdings von Amara aufgehalten, aber dann doch von Chuck Shurley gerettet.

In Ein ungleiches Bündnis sorgt er dafür, dass sich alle Engel gegen Amara behaupten. Es ist unbekannt, ob er diese abrupte Austreibung überlebt hat.

Luzifer hat Probleme damit, eine Hülle zu finden, die stark genug ist, um ihn in sich zu tragen. In Tod und Wiederauferstehung wird offenbart, dass Luzifer Amaras Austreibung überlebt und seine Position als Herrscher der Hölle wieder angetreten hat.

Er befindet sich nun auf der Suche nach einer neuen Hülle. Zunächst probiert der Engel zahlreiche menschliche Hüllen aus und hüpft quasi von Mensch zu Mensch.

Dabei räumen zwei Dämonen hinter ihm seine ausgebrannten Hüllen aus dem Weg, während Crowley sie verfolgt, um mehr über Luzifers Aufenthaltsort herauszubekommen.

Als er dort ankommt, verlangt er sofort von Crowley seinen Thron zu verlassen, doch Crowley verweigert dies und ermutigt den Satan dazu den Himmel zurückzuerobern.

Luzifer jedoch hat keine Lust auf den Himmel und droht deshalb damit Crowley zu töten. Plötzlich erscheint Rowena und spricht einen Zauber aus.

Dieser Zauber soll den Teufel wieder in seinen Käfig stecken, erfolglos. Luzifer breitet seine Flügel aus und schnappt sich Rowena, während Crowley sich wegteleportiert.

In Die Krippe erfährt man, dass Luzifer Rowena gefangen hält und sie dazu zwingt seine Hülle permanent zu machen, also dass Vinces Körper ihn für ewig tragen kann.

Er droht der Hexe, dass er, sollte sie sich weigern, nicht nur ihr Genick erneut brechen, sondern gleich ihren Kopf gänzlich abtrennen wird.

Rowena führt ein Ritual und einen damit verbundenen Zauber aus, der eine Mischung aus einem Zauber aus dem Buch der Verdammten und keltischer Magie ist.

Jedoch stellt sich sehr schnell heraus, dass es sich dabei nicht, um einen Stärkungs- sondern um einen Zerfallszauber handelt. Luzifer, wutentbrannt und mit zerfallender Hülle, will Rowena angreifen, aber diese handelt schneller: Sie schickt ihn auf den Grund des Ozeans.

Jetzt wird ihm klar, dass er in Form seiner Hülle alles erreichen kann, und so kommt es, dass er ein VIP-Konzert veranstaltet.

Eines Nachts sitzt er zusammen mit dem Ladyheart-Mitglied Roseleen im Studio, wo er Roseleen dazu bringt sich eine Schnittwunde zu verpassen.

Dort bringt er Russel dazu, sich einen Stift in den Hals zu stechen. Luzifer bereitet sich nun Backstage vor, jedoch dauert es nicht lange, bis er von Castiel angegriffen wird.

Luzifer wird daraufhin von Crowley attackiert und das führt dazu, dass der Teufel die Kontrolle verliert, Crowley ausknockt und Tommy tötet.

Luzifer steht kurz davor loszulegen, jedoch sorgt Dean per Schuss mit einer Waffe dafür, dass alle aus Panik fliehen.

Nun stehen sich Luzifer, Sam und Dean gegenüber. Luzifer erklärt, warum er für Schrecken sorgt und verlässt Vince, der daraufhin zerfällt.

Mit dieser hat er eines Tages Sex und dadurch kommt es dazu, dass Luzifer mit ihr ein Kind zeugt. Luzifer wird später von Kelly angerufen, denn Kelly soll sich in Gefahr befinden, jedoch läuft Luzifer direkt in eine Falle.

Als er Kelly konfrontiert was los sei, erklärt diese ihm, dass sie das Kind nicht behalten will, was dazu führt, dass Luzifer sie würgt. Sam jedoch eilt Kelly zur Hilfe, indem er Luzifer mit einer Art Urne dazu bringt stark aufzuleuchten.

Nun erscheint auch Rowena , zusammen mit Dean , Castiel und Crowley , um den Zauber zu benutzen, der Luzifer wieder in seinen Käfig schicken soll.

Als sie ihn ausspricht, gelingt es ihr den Satan zurück in seinen Käfig zu schicken. In Familienduell findet man heraus, dass Crowley heimlich die Zutaten des Zaubers, welchen Rowena gegen Luzifer einsetzte, vermischte, nur damit der Teufel nach dem Exorzismus an Jefferson Rooney von diesem direkt in seine ehemaligen Hülle Nick hineinspringen kann.

In Irgendwo zwischen Himmel und Hölle wird Luzifer weiterhin von Crowley gefangen gehalten, ehe er von zwei von Crowleys Dämonen befreit wird, welche er daraufhin tötet.

Als Crowley von der Jagd mit den Winchesters zurückkommt, wartet der Erzengel schon auf Crowley, den er daraufhin zu Boden schlägt.

Crowley schlägt den Satan daraufhin bewusstlos. Als Luzifer den Kontakt abbricht, taucht Crowley auf, um von Luzifer zu erfahren, was er denn alles erledigt hat.

Luzifer spielt die Rolle des hilflosen Häftlings vor, um Crowley glauben zu lassen, dass er völlig hilflos ist.

Luzifer spielt Crowley jedoch alles nur vor, um heimlich mit einem Dämon an der Entfernung des Sicherheitssystem Crowleys von Nicks Körper zu arbeiten.

Als Dagon Luzifer mitteilt, dass dessen Sohn zusammen mit Kelly entkommen ist, wird er recht sauer und droht Dagon mit einer schlimmen Strafe.

In Wer ist Mary? Später gelingt ihm dank der Hilfe eines Dämons, der die Wirkung des Sicherheitssystems von Crowley umkehrt, die Flucht, wodurch der Teufel mit Crowley spielt, bis er sich dafür entscheidet ihm den Garaus zu machen.

Crowley gelingt jedoch die Flucht, indem er seine Hülle verlässt und eine Ratte besetzt. Luzifer verlässt daraufhin den Unterschlupf und macht sich auf die Suche nach seinem Sohn.

Am Ende steht er auf dem Gipfel eines Hügels. Später kommt Luzifer an den Ort, an dem Kelly ihr Kind bekommen wird.

Dort wird er von Dean mit einem Gewehr - geladen mit Engel-Tötungspatronen - angegriffen, die dieser von Bobby Singer bekommen hat.

Letztendlich enthüllt Abraxas: Luzifer befahl ihm damals, Nicks Familie umzubringen. Angebote zum Thema. Dies soll sich aber nun mit der Apokalypse Wdr Dortmund Lokalzeit Heute und von Luzifer selbst kommt der Turn Staffel 5 Hinweis zu seiner Befreiung, den er noch vor Sams Geburt Azazel geben kann. Da dieser Versuch nicht erfolgreich war, bemühen sich die Winchesters nun, den Trickster auf ihre Seite zu ziehen. Staffel "Grey's Anatomy". The Blacklist: Serientrailer zur 8. Wiki erstellen. Da Castiel den Brüdern kurz darauf "Enochian Sigils" in die Knochen brennt, damit kein Engel sie aufspüren kann, ist es für Luzifer unmöglich geworden, Sam zu finden. Luzifer ist der erste gefallene Engel.


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