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Jane Got A Gun Imdb

Jane Foster / Thor. What If? (TV Series) (filming) Jane Foster Jane Got a Gun Jane Hammond. A Tale of Love and Darkness Fania. Bilder, Inhalt, Synopsis, Beschrieb, Trailer zum Film Jane Got a Gun. 98min. IMDB-Rating: / Kinostart CH-D: no release. Kinostart CH-F: no release. Laut IMDb basiert „Jane Got a Gun“ lose auf dem er-Western „In einem Sattel mit dem Tod“ („Hannie Caulder“) mit Raquel Welch, Robert.

Jane Got A Gun Imdb Ein Film von Gavin O'Connor

Jane Got a Gun ist ein US-amerikanischer Western von Gavin O'Connor aus dem Jahr Inhaltsverzeichnis. 1 Handlung; 2 Hintergrund; 3 Kritiken. Natalie Portman's Jane Got A Gun slated for February​1QkYelb. Im Western Jane Got a Gun raufen sich Natalie Portman und ihr Ex-Lover Joel Edgerton zusammen, um Bandenboss Ewan McGregor und seiner Bande das. Filmkritik zu Jane Got a Gun. Nach vier Jahren und etlichen Wechseln in Cast und Crew ist dann doch noch ein Film entstanden. Jane Got a. Jane Foster / Thor. What If? (TV Series) (filming) Jane Foster Jane Got a Gun Jane Hammond. A Tale of Love and Darkness Fania. - Kaufen Sie Jane Got a Gun günstig ein. Qualifizierte Bestellungen werden kostenlos geliefert. Sie finden Rezensionen und Details zu einer. Laut IMDb basiert „Jane Got a Gun“ lose auf dem er-Western „In einem Sattel mit dem Tod“ („Hannie Caulder“) mit Raquel Welch, Robert.

Jane Got A Gun Imdb

Jane Foster / Thor. What If? (TV Series) (filming) Jane Foster Jane Got a Gun Jane Hammond. A Tale of Love and Darkness Fania. Bilder, Inhalt, Synopsis, Beschrieb, Trailer zum Film Jane Got a Gun. 98min. IMDB-Rating: / Kinostart CH-D: no release. Kinostart CH-F: no release. Got a Gun. merken · Amazon • IMDb Zu "Jane Got A Gun" gibt es einen deutschen Trailer, den wir euch an dieser Stelle präsentieren. Am 23​. Certified Fresh Pick. Worst Superhero Movies. The Western genre is one that has struggled to find its own two feet to stand on in recent years. The Mandalorian. But then, as usual, they were resorting to their pseudo sophisticated, near sighted inane criteria. The film was released on January 29, Fitchum Rodrigo Santoro ,who assaults Jane near the beginning Blue Mountain State Movie Stream the film, carries what Film Körper Und Seele to be a standard cap-and-ball Colt Army. Want to rate or add Jogijo Spiele item to a list? Dan and Jane had been engaged before the war. Ewan Gregor plays John Bishop but for some reason IMDb got that wrong as if they didn't have enough time to pay attention to this Damme Kino dull film to get it Roxy Kino Neustadt.

Jane Got A Gun Imdb Jane Got a Gun – Natalie Portman wehrhaft im Westen

Nutzer haben kommentiert. Costume Design: Catherine George. Discover what to watch this November including a Marvel docu-series, a '90s reboot, and a Star Wars Kill La Kill Ryuko celebration. Listen mit Jane Got a Gun. Länge: 98 Min. Marcello De Francisci. Sie reitet in die Stadt, um sich Munition und Sprengstoff zu besorgen. Du kommentierst mit Deinem Google-Konto. Kirchbarkau 12 [1]. Got a Gun. merken · Amazon • IMDb Zu "Jane Got A Gun" gibt es einen deutschen Trailer, den wir euch an dieser Stelle präsentieren. Am 23​. Bilder, Inhalt, Synopsis, Beschrieb, Trailer zum Film Jane Got a Gun. 98min. IMDB-Rating: / Kinostart CH-D: no release. Kinostart CH-F: no release. Jane Got A Gun Imdb Gavin O'Connor. E-Mail erforderlich Adresse wird niemals veröffentlicht. Diese Leute Tanya Van Graan erledigt werden. Self uncredited. Lisa GerrardMarcello De Francisci. Wir Damon Elena eine Bitte. Dieser verjagt sie jedoch von seinem Grundstück. Personal Quote: I actually am starting to feel I should start Kinopolis Koblenz Programm revolution against heels, even though that wouldn't be a dramatic revolution. FSK 12 [1]. Vormerken Ignorieren Yesterday Stream Liste Kommentieren. Jane Got A Gun Imdb

Sometimes a little more than OK, and mostly thanks to a game cast. The premise is somewhat simple initially, that a woman finds that her husband Natalie Portman and Noah Emmerich respectively has been shot and though she's tending to her wounds she realizes from him more men are coming after him, so she goes and hires a man Joel Edgerton who she used to know The movie has a flashback structure that is not really too new.

Matter of fact, by this sort of thing has become kind of tired; of course the drama is meant to be this siege that develops at their home: they can't ride away since Emmerich's Bill Hammond is too injured, so they'll have to set up some things to make sure they aren't caught like fish in a barrel when Ewan McGregor and his men come.

But the bigger issue is that the movie has just a lot of peaks and valleys as far as compelling scenes; when people do pull guns on one another and there's set-up with that we see the plan to fortify the outside of Jane's home with liquid explosives and such is clever , it's exciting.

What seemed to not work quite so well are the quieter scenes, where confessions are made and that drama has to be tapped as to who did what to who in relationships and the old wounds being scorched.

There is one really tumultuous sequence where Bill discovers Jane inside of what seems to be a brothel or it just is and after he kills a bunch of people she starts sobbing.

Moments of high drama register but it's the quiet moments that fall a little flat, or they don't register as they should in a movie that depends on their quiet moments for impact.

And it's not so much the actors at fault - Portman and Edgerton are formidable, and McGregor makes a fine figure with that mustache a bit of a chip off the Val Kilmer in Tombstone block , and one of America's underrated character actors, Noah Emmerich, is terrific even as a lot of his performance is post-shooting in a bed - but with the script.

Strange since the screenplay was originally on the "Black-List" best scripts produced that got submitted, across the world basically , and Edgerton actually did work on the script too whether this was before the production problems or during I'm sure I don't know.

It's hard to know if it was due to the producers not allowing final cut - a big reason why Ramsey left, which might have been wise - but as a Weinstein Company release it seems a little fishy, like there may have been better material that got left out or moments put together that don't quite fit.

And yet for all these odd feelings watching it, overall I would recommend it to fans of Westerns believe me, I've seen weaker offerings , and the climax is really solid.

James Got a Gun has some original moments, and yet wrestles with becoming generic at the same time: bad-asses pulling guns on one another has been done for so long and in such gritty tones.

Maybe it's missing It's a strange movie to peg what doesn't work about it, but it's not all bad. For all the hard times it took to get to being completed, I'm glad it exists in some form.

While many have seen or rather predicted the death of the Western "genre" some might argue it's not a genre itself, just putting this out there , it's still alive and kicking and this movie is testament to that fact.

Natalie Portman is a great actress and she saw something in the character here, that made her want to play the role. It had to do with both the toughness and the vulnerability of her.

The script may be predictable the flashbacks give out bits and peaces, but you can put it together far ahead of the time, so I don't think there are too many surprises, except maybe for the ending , but you can't fault the setups and everything the film does to portray what is going on.

Some might feel it's too long and there is definitely not enough action for others, but those who stick with it get a nice story.

I was among the lucky people to have seen the movie premier in Paris tonight. Going in I was mildly excited for the film, wondering how much of an effect the tumultuous development had on the final product.

Jane Got a Gun is interesting for sure but it's slooow. The first two acts are desperately trying to built tension with a slow dead like pace, and long silences, that only puts the audience to sleep.

I actually dozed off a few times. It's a shame because I think there's something special about it. The story is good with a few minor surprises and solid acting.

Even in the long silences the actors were engaged and conveyed the adequate emotions. Joel Edgerton and Natalie Portman have some great moments, their performances are riddles by subtleties that make for powerful scenes, ruined by shots a couple of seconds too long.

The movie picks up though, it come as a breath of fresh air, after slogging our way through the first two acts.

So after all of the cast and recast of actors and directors what suffered? My guess the editing because some scenes could have been cut short while maintaining the message.

Jane Got a Gun could probably be one of those movies that will become a cult classic. By garcwrites. I went into this movie with no expectations, and was pleasantly surprised.

It's being called "slow," which I suppose it is, by Thor and Iron Man standards, but not in a way that bothered me - I wasn't expecting an action-packed story, because, well, I don't mind if a movie has dialog.

I thought the pacing was great, and I loved the way the audience slowly finds out what happened, through flashbacks from several different points of view.

I didn't mind that Jane wasn't a super hero, just a determined woman, who was strong because life demanded it of her.

It felt very realistic. It's not a perfect movie, but it's worth seeing for great performances and gorgeous scenery filmed on location in New Mexico.

I think this movie will do well on video or streaming, if it finds the right audience that is, people like me - I'm certainly telling my friends about it.

At the skin "Jane Got a Gun" might look like a gunslinger action flick, but this is more of a drama set in the Wild West with some action undertone for the backdrop.

The visual often displays the scenes with overly dark contrast or extreme close up which is annoyingly jarring at times.

Also, having high caliber actor and actress such as Ewan McGregor and Natalie Portman doesn't elevate the movie beyond average frontier drama.

Jane Natalie Portman is searching for a bouncer to protect her and her wounded husband from a gang of outlaws. The one guy volunteering is her ex-lover, so you can see there's a lot of love triangle plot at play here.

Its source material doesn't really offer anything more, there might be a couple of intense sequences, action and twist towards the end, but they are far from remarkable and the journey to reach there is dry.

To its credit, the storytelling attempts two different timelines. The movie will shift from the current events to the ones from the past, it's a particularly nifty effort to highlight the encounter with specific characters and their relationship with the leads.

However, the screenplay feels disjointed at times since there's barely any difference between past and present, and the drama from both eras are equally stagnant.

Visual is mostly decent, although it too often shoots the characters' face far too closely, even simple conversation or motion is done needlessly in this manner.

There's not adequate cinematography to showcase the gritty frontier atmosphere,, although a few scenery shots are commendable. Action is surprisingly soft, only occurring briefly and sporadically, it's passable but by no means outstanding.

The two were engaged before Edgerton had to go off to war, but she took off west after not having heard from him in three years. That doesn't seem right; I definitely didn't recognize him if he was the villain, and the character name on IMDb seems wrong, too.

Most of that history is told in flashbacks throughout the picture. The main bulk of the story has Emmerich wounded by McGregor and his men. The story's simple, but Portman and Edgerton carry the film nicely.

They have a believable sense of history between them. It's not an action-packed film, but it delivers well when it gets to the climax.

There are some weaknesses in the details of the film, especially in the flashbacks, which often seem skeletal in their scripting Joel Edgerton co-wrote the screenplay with two others.

Not great, but good. Natalie Portman in a western? I'd answer all those objections with another question: Why not? After all, stretching is important for actors.

When they play against type, we often get surprisingly enjoyable performances from our favorite thespians — and these gutsy actors sometimes find entirely new niches for themselves.

Actors like Robert De Niro and Leslie Nielsen, known mainly for "tough guy" roles, each decided to start doing some comedy.

And does anyone remember when Bruce Willis was mostly doing romantic comedy? There you go. Now, let us consider the very reasonable possibility that Portman, Edgerton, McGregor, Santoro, et al, can bring us an entertaining western in "Jane Got a Gun" R, Portman plays Jane Hammond, a wife and mother living in a small house in Middle-of-nowhere, New Mexico in , six years after the Civil War ended.

When her husband, Bill Emmerich , shows up at home with five bullets in his back, Jane springs into action. He may have gotten away for the moment, but they intend to find him and finish him off.

After patching up her husband as well as she could, Jane rides to the house of Dan Frost Edgerton , trying to enlist his help in defending her home and her family.

Dan turns her down cold, but soon reconsiders. Dan and Jane had been engaged before the war. By the time he and Jane were reunited, Jane had married Bill and had his baby.

There's no love lost between Dan and Bill, but Dan can't bear the thought of leaving Jane to the mercy of the Bishop Boys, a decidedly unmerciful group.

As the big confrontation with John Bishop and company draws ever closer, flashbacks progressively tell us more about the past interactions among these four characters — including some well-kept secrets that, once revealed, will change everything.

Its setting of the Old West may suggest plenty of gun fights and action, but what we get is much more. There are a number of exciting scenes that are very well staged and executed, but the script is even more appealing than the film's action sequences.

The story is interesting and told very effectively, with some nicely quotable dialog along the way. The interactions between the characters make for a complicated and intriguing dynamic, helped along by great performances from the talented and experienced cast.

Add to the mix terrific cinematography and a great song called "Perdition", which plays as the credits roll, and you have several wonderful cinematic elements and an outstanding cast which come together to make a very entertaining motion picture.

The acting is actually good, although the dialogue is a bit hackneyed and saturated with exposition. The jiggly-cam shots are not the worst by a long shot, but are distracting.

The pyrotechnics in one scene are very well done. Makeup effects are good. Some elements don't make much sense. At one point they need jars and empty out a dozen Mason jars of green beans and such.

The film takes place in People didn't discard their Mason jars. They cleaned and sterilized them and reused them. There should have been a lot of empty jars around waiting to be filled with whatever crop would be harvested.

A building is shot up to the extent the walls resemble a colander, but there aren't splinters all over the floor and nothing much inside seems to have been hit.

Wanted criminals with hefty rewards on their heads live openly and run businesses. But the big problem is in the lack of a theme or moral.

Ordinarily, one might expect an ordinary person to be confronted with an ordeal that tests their mettle and forces them to grow somehow in order to overcome otherwise insurmountable obstacles.

Here, the characters don't grow or acquire new skills. They endure hardships that tear their world apart, but survive. Consequently, everything falls into place and they have a much brighter future because they survived, not because they prevailed by becoming stronger.

The good guys confront insurmountable odds, but through a clever device manage to even the odds early on. Rather than confronting escalating challenges, they confront diminishing challenges.

Jane prevails by becoming as brutal as her adversary, but immediately returns to her peaceful existence as if she had never sunk to such depths.

This movie was like watching appaloosa is was slow right up to the last 17 minutes and even thou it didn't have that much action it was OK because it was telling a story about her life using flash backs on and off if you had any other actress play Jane i don't know if it would have been better kinda like will smith in Iam legend.

SnoopyStyle 24 August It's the New Mexico Territory in She gets help from her former love Dan Frost Joel Edgerton. She thought that he was killed during the civil war and she married Ham afterwards where they got entangled with the Bishop boys.

It's a tale of lost, tragedy, and revenge. The first half is a muddle of unexplained situations, and confused flashbacks.

The story finally gets some exposition in the second half. There is a compelling tragedy but it needs to be told better and earlier. The final act has good cold violence although it sometimes isn't as cold as it needs to be.

There is definitely a good potential of a dark, stark western but it's too fuzzy. First, this may have started with the wrong character. It should follow Dan Frost as he searches for his love Jane.

The audience can learn about the situation along with Dan. Also the ending is too happy for the tone of the movie. This is a dark revenge story and I would probably kill off Dan midway through.

That way would allow Jane to get her killing on for the last act. Gordon 14 March Her complicated events and interpersonal relationships over the past seven years is slowly revealed.

Maybe I'm not a fan of Westerns. Even the first fifteen minutes of it seem like an eternity, and unfortunately the film does not get any better.

The story is slow, and it's not helped by the characters are always talking in accents that is hard to understand. Even though the lighting is really well done, I cannot get into the film at all.

With such great actors, what can go wrong? This is a very poor western, not because the story has already been told, but because it is just very badly told.

The directing is just very bad Makes you cringe. What a waste of good actors and beautiful scenery! I believe westerns are quite a challenge for a director, it's like cooking a very simple and well-known recipe If you don't have enough character to bring in your own touch, it's gonna taste like all the others This one is worse than the others, though Shallow and uncreative.

Portman produced this Because Blockbuster video had a section titled "Westerns" people seem to have come to the expectation that anything taking place during the 's has to follow a certain formula, centering around gunfights.

But really, "Western" is more a category for it's time placement, which can fall into different genres. Jane Got A Gun is first and foremost a Drama-Suspense-quasi-romance; it's a story that could be told, in the large view, anywhere or anytime.

But then there are the particular details of this story that make it unique to the west and help to dictate the decisions that have brought the characters to where they are in life.

The good-guy vs bad-guy line of this movie is somewhat standard, but the characters who are caught up in it have a uniqueness to them that makes the story worth seeing.

Of course, with sub-par acting it would not be so easy to take, but each of the main characters plays their roles very effectively; especially Natalie Portman and Joel Edgerton.

Some have complained that the movie is not feminist enough, but you can't end the movie with Portman being elected the first female president in Matthew Bond.

Jane Got a Gun is a textbook-standard Western and nothing more. Sarah Marrs. This is a good addition to the female-centric movies we have seen of late.

Here's hoping there will be more to come. Joanne Soh. Top Box Office. More Top Movies Trailers. Certified Fresh Picks. Black Mirror: Season 5. Into The Dark: Season 2.

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How did you buy your ticket? View All Videos 3. View All Photos Movie Info. Panic strikes Jane Hammond Natalie Portman when her outlaw husband John returns to their farm with bullet wounds.

Expecting the worst, she brings her young daughter to safety and travels to the home of Dan Frost Joel Edgerton , a boozing ex-lover who may be her only hope.

With Dan now on her side, Jane prepares for a showdown with the vengeful John Bishop and his gang of thugs. Looking to settle an old score, Bishop must now contend with the gun-toting Jane and her new partner.

Gavin O'Connor. Jan 11, Natalie Portman Jane Hammond. Joel Edgerton Dan Frost. Noah Emmerich Bill Hammond. Rodrigo Santoro Fitchum.

Boyd Holbrook Vic. Ewan McGregor John Bishop. Alex Manette Buck. Todd Stashwick O'Dowd. James Burnett Cunny Charlie.

Gavin O'Connor Director. Brian Duffield Screenwriter. Anthony Tambakis Screenwriter. Joel Edgerton Screenwriter.

Natalie Portman Producer. Aleen Keshishian Producer. Zack Schiller Producer. Regency Boies Producer. Scott Steindorff Producer.

Scott LaStaiti Producer. February 3, Full Review…. October 17, Full Review…. View All Critic Reviews The film has a whisper thin plot that somehow manages to get convoluted, using frequent flashbacks and quiet explanations to fill the audience in on large amounts of backstory and while the film at least attempts to be a feminist take on the western genre, it ends up undoing this entire approach by the film's not too exciting final showdown.

Jane Got a Gun is the western equivalent of fast food. Quick, dirty and not quite satisfying. Rating:

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Nutzer haben kommentiert. Seraphim Falls. Die Besten Western. Too late, she and the other women on the wagon train realized that Bishop's intention was to Rookie Der Anfänger Stream a brothel in another town, and he intended to force the helpless women into prostitution. Lovecraft Country: Season 1. Even though the lighting is really well 100 Feet, I cannot get into the film at all. This is a gang of vicious criminals, led by John Bishop, that Ham himself used to ride with. Kitchen Impossible Staffel 5 Economista in Spanish. People didn't discard their Mason jars. Jane Got A Gun Imdb


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